Canghai Group quality management provides customers with the greatest possible supply reliability.

By ongoing monitoring and analysis of our production and processes, we pursue the path of continually improving our QM system.

Ensuring constantly high quality is the prime necessity in the bend production of Canghai Group.

All stages ranging from the processing of customer enquiries up to the despatch of the finished bend comply with certified quality management systems (ISO 9001) which are subject to regular audits by independent external certification companies.

Quality management system

  • A decade-long quality management systems, certified in accordance with ISO 9001QQ图片20170107125109.png

Quality assurance

  • Quality assurance and inspection after each major working stage

  • Quality training of employees

Quality products

  • High quality motherpipes

  • High quality processing materials

  • Quality standards for the maintenance and repair of machinery


Detailed documentation of material receipt, of all production steps, of testing results up to the final inspection and shipment.



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