Why you should always think about being helpful?

2018-02-22 17:03:28 admin 18

It recently happened that we got an order proposal for some small and underpaid quantity of bends which I could have easily refused.

The client was in desperate need for bends a competitor had promised, but that was terribly late. In that moment we had the whole production bendline filled to the brim, and honestly it would have been worse for us to accept that order: rescheduling production, rework shifts etc just to complete that small order?

My luck, BendTop is extraordinary flexible, so we helped the client out.

We were rewarded with a relationship that has developed into a continuous flow of orders, and a human bond between us and the client.

BendTop is always: Professional, kind, always helpful.

We believe that:always think of solving and bring solutions to challenges,financial reward will always follow when your service is problem solving oriented.






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