What kinds of induction bends are available to pipeliners?

2017-01-17 15:22:10 admin 30

Hot induction formed pipe bends can be manufactured from a wide range of pipe materials and sizes to meet the needs of diverse industrial applications; including the pipeline, mining, power, process and construction industries.


Pipe material types acceptable for induction bending include: all grades of carbon steels, stainlesssteels, alloy steels, nickel alloys and titanium - as well as clad pipe. Basically the only metalswhich are not generally amenable to induction bending are aluminium and copper based metals.

Pipe Types

Pipes manufactured as seamless or welded (HFW, SAWL, SAWH) are suitable for induction bending, with each type presenting particular technical challenges.

Pipeline Bends

Pipeline requirements for induction bends can vary greatly in size and bend radii from project to project. Generally manufactured from high strength carbon steel pipe, pipeline hot bends arealways required with demonstrable material properties, known dimensions and confirmed integrity.



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