How does induction bending affect dimensions?

2017-01-23 20:38:30 admin 13

Distortion of the pipe in the bend area due to induction bending includes ovality and wall thinningat the bend extrados and a corresponding increase in wall thickness at the bend intrados. Expecteddistortions for general bending can be estimated from tables. Actual distortions may vary from predicted values due to the particular induction bending process requirements such as speed,temperature, cooling method, coil design and material type.

Induction bends for pipe lines have typical bend radii between 10D and 5D, but may be as tight as 2D or 3D. For these radii, the expected wall thinning as a function of the actual starting wall thickness would be 7%, 11% and 15% respectively. To meet particular project requirements it may be necessary to use thicker pipe or select larger bend radii. In many projects it will be possible toallocate heavier wall pipe for the induction bends by a planned allowance for additional heavywalled pipe ordered for the special class locations such as crossings etc.



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