2LPE/3LPE/2PP/3PP coated fittings
2LPE/3LPE/2PP/3PP coated fittings
2LPE/3LPE/2PP/3PP coated fittings
2LPE/3LPE/2PP/3PP coated fittings
2LPE/3LPE/2PP/3PP coated fittings
2LPE/3LPE/2PP/3PP coated fittings
2LPE/3LPE/2PP/3PP coated fittings



       3PE anti-corrosion:
   Three-layer PE pipe anti-corrosion structure: the first layer epoxy powder (FBE> 100um), second layer adhesive (AD) 170 ~ 250um, third layer of polyethylene (PE) 2.5 ~ 3.7mm. Three kinds of materials, integration, and with steel to form a solid combination of good anti-corrosion layer. 
       Diameter range Φ60 ~ Φ1420
  2PE anti-corrosion:
  PE anti-corrosion pipe layer structure, the first layer of adhesive (AD), the second layer of polyethylene (PE), two kinds of materials, integrated with three layers of PE with the same thickness.


       Regarding coating on fittings, it's some different than pipes, the coating work on pipes are made by extrusion by equipment; but the coating on fittings are done be manual. The process is: Blasting and Cleanging---Epoxy Painting---Wrap the fitting with PE heat shrink tape.

     Pipe Fittings has three layer PE antisepsis structure: the first layer with epoxy powder (FBE> 100um), the second layer with adhesive (AD), 170 ~ 250um, the third layer with polyethylene (PE) 2.5 ~ 3.7mm. which is a good anti-corrosion method, generally can improve the service life of 50 years, not only extended the replacement cycle of the underground plumbing, and significant cost savings for the provides a strong role in nation-building. 3PE anti-corrosion is the most commonly used method of anti-corrosion, in addition to 2PE, 2PP, 3PP, their manufacturing process is similar to but different raw materials, this anti-corrosion characteristics of the simple fabrication process, the preservative effect, inexpensive pipe manufacturing industry generally agree that corrosion
 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe characteristics:
1,very high tightness,which can greatly save energy, reduce costs, protect the environment in long-term operation.
2, strong corrosion resistance, the construction side simply speed, the service life can be up to 30-50 years.
3, with good resistance to corrosion and impact resistance, low water absorption, the PE (less than 0.01%) at low temperatures.
4, high strength epoxy, PE absorbent and hot melt adhesive softness, etc., have high corrosion reliability.
3 PE anti corrosion is one of the main technology system at home and abroad at present, anti-corrosion of buried pipeline. It has good corrosion resistance, low water absorption rate, high mechanical strength and performance, in recent years in the domestic underground water, gas, oil path pipe has been used more and more widely.



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